Zoomer Chair - An Easy to Use Power Chair to Regain Your Mobility


The Indoor, Outdoor, Portable, One-Hand Solution To Your Mobility Issues...

“My Zoomer has given me so much independence. No longer do people have to push me. I just go! Easy to maneuver.”
– Laureen B.

Zoomer Chair Information - Man Using Zoomer in Park

Big Advantages In A Power Chair

You will not believe it! Foldable and with a small battery pack that will allow you to drive across town and into your local cafe with confidence knowing your Zoomer power chair will easily fit into any environment and narrow places. The long-lasting battery will allow you to enjoy shopping and do whatever you want.

Easily Scales Inclines

The Zoomer is capable of climbing up to a 10° incline. As a general reference, ADA compliant wheelchair ramps are 5º or less.

Turns On A Dime

Navigate into small spaces with a 50% smaller turning radius than other mobility scooters. Zoomer has a 33.4" turning radius.

Drives On Multiple Surfaces

The Zoomer operates best in dry conditions on level pavement. Travel unhindered over grass or gaps smaller than two inches.

Fits Under A Table

Just drive right up to a table or desk. No changing chairs needed!


Easy to Fold Zoomer Chair

Folds And Unfolds In A Second

Folding and unfolding the Zoomer is easy! Just pull the release cable and it folds down or up, with no additional assembly required.

Zoomer Fits Into Nearly Any Vehicle

Fits In Nearly Any Vehicle

Folding and unfolding takes less than a few seconds and the Zoomer fits where others can’t.

Zoomer Control System

Innovative Control System

Driving the Zoomer is easy and fun. Simple joystick controls make the Zoomer a breeze to control, just move the joystick in the direction you’d like to go. The Zoomer chair is specifically designed for one-handed control.

Long Lasting Battery

Removable, Long-lasting Battery

The battery takes less than 4 hours to fully charge and will power your Zoomer for up to 8 miles. The removable battery makes it airline-friendly too, so your Zoomer is a perfect travel companion.

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Seating

All Zoomers use a breathable, honeycomb mesh material to keep you cool and comfortable, even on longer rides.

Zoomer Can Go Indoors and Outdoors

Indoors and Outdoors

Whether indoors or out, Zoomer’s powerful motor and multi-terrain wheels will get you where you need to go.

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  • Easy to use - indoors and outside
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